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LouddMouth Radio Network - Empower. Inspire. Entertain.  

Company Profile

LouddMouth Radio expands its broadcast as it enters the 11th Season 

LouddMouth Radio Network is an online channel covering everything from day to day life to all forms of entertainment- from comedy to film and all arts in between. LouddMouth Radio is your premier media connection created to empower, inspire & entertain. LouddMouth Radio Network is available on the robust app Stitcher Radio which reaches over 10+  Million in car-dashboards and over 30 million I-phone & Android device users. Join in on the conversation by downloading these apps and selecting "LouddMouth Radio Network". Find us also on your favorite platforms: Apple & google podcast, I Heart & Tune In Radio and more with over 50 million and Itunes listeners plug & play and hear are archive shows a total of over 250 million active listerners witin multiple platforms apps and our direct website.

LouddMouth Multimedia & Production a subsidiary of LouddMouth Marketing & Entertainment Group Inc. 


Founded: 2007

Owner: Sonny Smith

Areas of expertise: Global Entertainment & Interactive Multimedia, Brand Consulting, Internet Advertising,Project Management, Event Marketing Management & Promotions, Media Production.